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Top 7 Best Friend Christmas Ornaments for Your BFF

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Attention besties! It's that time of year again when you need to start thinking about Christmas gift giving for your friends. We know...you want the absolute perfect gift, something personalized and special!

Not to worry, we can make some suggestions! How about a best friend Christmas ornament? We have been busy designing and have made sure to create a few ornament selections that are perfect for your bestie.

Here are the top best friend Christmas ornaments you can send your bestie in 2022! 

Best Friend Ornament for Long Distance BFF
I Wish You Lived Next Door

I wish you lived next door ornamentBest Ornament for Your "Ride or Die" Friend
I'd Punch a Bitch for You Right in the Face

I'd Punch a Bitch For You Ornament
Best Sentimental Ornament
Thank You for Being My Unbiological Sister

Thank You For Being My Unbiological Sister
Best Ornament for a Great Listener
Unpaid Therapist
Thank You for Being My Unpaid Therapist
Best Ornament for a Funny BFF
A Friend Like You is Harder to Find Than Toilet Paper During a Pandemic

Friend Like You

Best Ornament for a Twisted Friend
I'm Sweet & Twisted Like a Candy Cane

Sweet and Twisted

Best Ornament for Your Soul Sister
I Love You Bitch
I Love You Bitch Ornament

By the way, all of our ornaments are made from the finest grade ceramic and make the perfect keepsake for years to come. The design is permanently printed on one side of the round ceramic ornament and sealed with a glossy finish.

One ornament comes per pack in a box ready for gifting. Each ornament measures approximately 3”x 3" in diameter and includes a gold hanging cord.

If you want to make sure that your best friend has a Christmas ornament this year, select your favorite and order early to receive it within your time frame.

We are already starting to run low on stock and we don’t want you to miss out on getting one of these adorable ornaments.

These selections make great gifts for friends, brothers, sisters and other family members as well as best friends! Choose now and be sure to get your ornament in time for the holidays.

We ship internationally, including Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom and more!. But, international shipping can be slow during the holidays so make sure you order early. Click the cart add button to get your order started today!

Looking for other options? We have a few! Check out our wide selection of gifts for any person or any occasion. Including mugs, travel mugs, tumblers, wine tumblers, candles and ornaments! Thanks for stopping by!

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